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   Learn more about pollinators! Bees, honey and plants are absolutely fascinating and play an important role in our food system. We hope you enjoy the links we have provided to learn more.


  • Want to find out ways to help bees and other pollinators and/or participate in bee research? Connect with The Great Sunflower Project and learn about what you can do in your own yard to help pollinators.





  • Connect to the National Honey Board website for some great recipe ideas and learn all about the uses and benefits of honey.



  • Ever wonder what the difference is between honeybees and native bees? Find out here: 


  • Interested in the properties and benefits of herbs? Look them up on the American Botanical Counsel website:



  • Curious about research that has been done on honey, propolis, herbs and other topics? Read about it on PubMed:




  •  Find more ways to incorporate herbs into your life through the Herb Quarterly. Learn tips for gardening, recipes, body care, craft projects and more!




  • The Pollinator Partnership helps protect bees and other pollinators in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Interested in volunteering? Check out the website:                                                                                                                                              



  • The Xerces Society works to protect invertebrates like bees and their habitats. Learn about what plants are good for bees.





  • The BugGuide is a very useful site helping to identify all types of bees and other insects.

  • Watch the amazing story of Charlie Mraz and his efforts in Bee Venom Therapy:Bee Venom Therapy 


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